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My World: Yesterday was a challenging day emotionally

Yesterday was challenging for a few different reasons. I was emotionally running low and plans I made that I knew would cheer me up got derailed so I was just over it and wanted to sleep. I posted on facebook about not wanting anyone to call me.

  • Y’all are hard-headed. Someone actually saw the post and THEN called. Why tell me you saw my post directly going against what I asked y’all not to do? LOL. I’m glad at least the convo was fun and worth answering. And that someone cared enough to check on me, even when I just want to sit in hermit mode and be in a funk momentarily.
  • I’ve missed my mom a lot lately. May 20, 2020 was the day she passed. Although I’ve found peace in her passing, I really hate that she didn’t make it to this part of my life. She’d have loved it here. Sunshine was her thing, it was her. And she loved the water as much as I do. I can imagine we’d have laid outside in the sun and swam in my pool for hours and hours.
  • Work was so long. I had to fix a report done by someone on my team, and I was not in the mood. I feel like someone is always fixing something he has done. But I didn’t hire him and I’m just a contractor.
  • I twisted my ankle a month ago coming out of the storage room in the garage and it hasn’t been right since. It’s just not healing properly. One day it feels pretty good, the next it’s killing me. I don’t want that ugly air boot but its better than another surgery so let’s hope a few weeks in that gray boot will fix it. I wish I’d kept it from when I dealt with tendonitis in this same ankle years ago.
  • Getting the house ready for a pool party is more than a notion. I have to drag the pool towels out of the storage room and wash them along with the cushions on the cabana and the hammock fabrice. The pool guys were here yesterday balancing things and giving me tips on managing the extra bodies. Have to blow up all these floaties and sweep off the patio. Let alone work on prepping the food all day tomorrow. But its worth it to enjoy great times with great people once in a while.

Let me get off here and get back to work!

Love you all,