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My World: Fasting Day 2 Recap – Dining Out

Today is Day 2 and the theme is:

Before I decided to fast, I’d planned to go to happy hour with a great group of ladies that I met through the Phoenix group of Brown Skin Brunchin’, a monthly brunch meetup that I joined over a year ago. Have had great experiences with these ladies at the monthly brunches, but we also hang out outside of that. I’ve recommended some friends in other cities try it out. I hope it’s as great as the Phoenix group is.

Anyway, some of the ladies from the brunch group were meeting at The Womack, a really classic bar feel. Full of beautiful woods and dark booths, but they also have a great patio. Before the fast, Id spend at least $100 on every meal or happy hour. So I decided to cut that in half. Fortunately, they had a bunch of AMAZING food and drink specials. I didnt get to grab lunch so this was the only pic I got before I attacked the plate like a hyena. My bad, I got yall next time.

What I got: truffle popcorn, tomato and burrata flatbread w/basil and balsamic, spinach and artichoke dip, and old fashioned and a Paloma. Definitely going back. No meat, only dairy. I had some cucumbers w/ranch between meetings this morning and a small bowl of strawberry mini wheats mixed with Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

What I Paid: Exactly $50 including tip.

What I read: The 21 Day Financial Fast by Michelle Singletary.