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My World: Fasting Day 1 Recap: Family Love, Mercury in Limeade and Natal Charts

What a way to kick off a fast! Had a great heart to heart with an old friend. Took a lot of weight off of my shoulders this morning. This was the fourth or fifth heavy conversation that I’ve had in as many days with various people, so I am definitely feeling floods of emotions.

The Diet:

So far so good on the eating, I made salmon croquettes yesterday and saved some to eat this week, so I had that with some rice for my first meal.

I may have a veggie salad or some fruit later if I get hungry again. I’m usually an one meal a day (OMAD) eater, so expect some days where I’ll have one larger meal, but today I’m having a few smaller ones.

The Reading:

In “The 21 Day Financial Fast”, each day has a main theme with subsections to guide you through. Day 1 is an introduction to the fast and what it can achieve. Today’s main point: Free yourself from financial bondage. Having had so many struggles and a single mother, I completely understand this. Counting my dollars to make sure I had enough for work, formula and pampers. Or enough for utility bills, rent and car notes.

The most interesting thing that I read today is ” by Rachel Stuart-Haas.

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Now yes, I know I’m a Scorpio in a lot of places on my natal chart, but never really took time to understand what any of that really means. This book has you map out your natal chart, which is a map of the positions of the planets and constellations at the time you were born. I was skeptical, as I am of many things, but I decided to keep an open mind after I read this:

Astrology is not religion nor is it any sort of witchcraft. It’s the study of the planets, stars, seasons, asteroids, and comets. The planets are affecting you right now. Whether you are aware of it or not.

After reading some of the explanations that seem spot on (both good and not so much), I’m intrigued. I know what with my condition, I’m affected by the weather, so anything is possible I guess. Check some of these out…

If you’ve ever seen something about your zodiac sign and it seemed accurate, you should go online and get your free natal chart to see what was going on in the sky when you were born. I didn’t know until today that I was born on a full moon. 99.27% full according to scientists. I was also born on a Monday, and my birthday is All Saints Day (the day after Halloween or All Hallows). The irony. Anyway, I look forward to learning more about all of this during the fast, so stay tuned if you’re into it.

Love you all,